Failure Modes Effects & Analysis


FMEA is the analyzing of specific events that may cause an asset failure. Failure Trees allow users to define specific failure modes based on the asset's specific family, such as pumps, and its potential failure types.







In the example above a Pump is defined as being:

  • the Physical Pump

  • the Motor that powers the pump

  • the Driveline or Gearbox that drives the pump


These high level failure modes or symptom codes are then broken down in detail in the Failure Tree enabling users to define the types of failures that can occur and to identify the cause of the failure.

In the example to the left we see that the code Pump Fails is broken down into another detailed level of failures. The pump can only fail due to:



Every failure is recorded enabling Root Cause Analysis and other analytical methods, providing the information to eliminate future failures resulting in substantial payback benefits.


  • Impeller Failures

  • Casing Failures

   (an over simplification)








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