Public Services

RMB delivers world-class, proven maintenance solutions to the Public Sector.

We recognize the differences between Government, State, Province, County, City, Educational, Utilities, Waste Treatment, Road Commissions and other public enterprises that all offer unique business challenges.

Our public sector strategies and solutions optimize business performance by improving the key drivers and deliverables. 

We focus on business issues in such areas as:

  • Life Cycle Asset Management

  • Resource Allocation Management

  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

  • Health, Quality and Safety Issues

  • Warranty Management

  • Inventory and Spares Management

  • Public Accounting Standards

  • Grant Management

  • Contractor and Sub-Contractor Management

 Using the latest technologies to assist in providing increased efficiencies through remote access with support for wireless devices and bar coding.

 Our services to the facilities management industry clients include:

  • Project management

  • Initial process assessment services

  • Performance target development

  • System configuration

  • Content development

  • Post implementation assessment services


RMBís solutions target business processes including maintenance, inventory control, logistics management, and procurement.  Our solutions deliver measurable profitability improvements by:

  • Lowering downtime through improved corrective, preventive, predictive capabilities, efficient resource planning processes, and optimized parts provisioning;

  • Increasing asset life through effective maintenance practices;

  • Improving scheduling prediction;

  • Integrating maintenance, inventory control, logistics and procurement management to lower operational costs;

  • Delivering complete content development services to fully utilize the capabilities of the clientís software; and,

  • Providing integrated supplier collaboration.


RMB continually identifies the latest industry best practices and provides a complete solution encompassing processes, technology, and industry people in the public sector. 








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