RMB is a consulting and software company that has helped shape maintenance management systems and implementations starting in the early 90’s. Working closely with development, and maintenance clients, to roll out an advanced maintenance products that not only would fit the future vision of EAM but stand on its own as point solutions with the "Best of Breed" solutions.

Today RMB is working closely with development groups improving the productivity of world-class applications and Enterprise Asset Management.

RMB licenses:

·         IGS - Intelligent Graphic Solutions the Ultimate Navigation Tool for Procedure Manuals, Electronic Part Books, Service Manuals, Drawings, User Friendly Navigation & Ease of Use.  IGS provides seamless integration with your maintenance system as well as any application that supports it.

·         Pre-Defined FMEA Trees for Analysis hundreds of failure trees to help clients implement Reliability Centered Maintenance in their organization are provided by RMB. FMEA trees are time consuming to create and prepared trees gives your client a large head start on their RCM implementation. RMB’s experienced consultants have the maintenance background to help you head into this century with the latest and best industry practices.  

·         RCM Strategy Plus™ is a premiere RCM solution that allows your facility to quickly and easily analyze even the most complex system. Supports the SAE JA1011 Standard by addressing the seven basic questions of RCM. Provides a means for interfacing your RCM data with your maintenance system and incorporates an approved risk matrix for calculating costs of failure and ranking consequences. The same risk matrix is used for generating the savings and benefit achieved by task selection and risk mitigation. Supports both Pareto and 80/20 risk management techniques.

·         Inventory Optimizer First released in 1992, Inventory Optimizer has continually been developed to meet the growing needs of inventory managers.  This best of breed analytic system is a sophisticated, decision-support system that analyzes and dynamically segments transactional data from any ERP system. Inventory Optimizer addresses the unique needs of inventory held by capital intensive organizations.  It has gained international recognition among industry leaders as being a powerful tool to manage inventory more effectively

·         Procurement Strategizer analyses and dynamically segments the transactional data from ERP systems necessary to improve supplier relationships.  It also enables procurement professionals to generate electronic Requests for Quotation (RFQ) and automatically compare bids with consideration to more than just price.  

·         Maintenance Analyzer contains algorithms and tools to analyse event data from the Enterprise System.  Alterations made to plans and schedules in Maintenance Analyzer are uploaded into the Enterprise System. Maintenance Analyzer uses a Maintenance Data Mart – Raw data from the Enterprise System is collected, manipulated and evaluated to create a Maintenance Analyzer data set, which is evaluated against cost models, business rules and risk models. Changes made to the data in Maintenance Analyzer optimize the timing and performance of maintenance tasks, and are then uploaded.




















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