In this illustration of Unit #6 we see a complete system and its components. The color codes highlight the more critical components or equipment within this system. 















     RCM Strategy Plus

RCM Strategy Plus allows you to compare assets based on several operational parameters such as: Economics, Safety, Environmental Impact, Failure Mode, and Operating Context. 

RCM Strategy allows you to view your assets based on color coded priorities showing you which assets have the greatest impact and which assets you should be basing you RCM Strategy on. RCM Strategy Plus will increase the payback on your maintenance dollar by helping you focus on the most Critical areas of your operation.














The illustration below focuses on a single component or piece of equipment within Unit #6, an Auxiliary Lube Oil Pump. 

The FMEA tree on this pump connects to other area such as IGS, Cost Models, and show clearly what the Cause for the failure was, what the Effect of the failure will be, and Task or process that should be competed to fix the problem or eliminate the problem in the future.
















RCM Strategy Plus links all the detail needed by Maintenance and Engineering professionals to complete full RCM Analysis, better links to IGS Graphics, Procedure Manuals, Vendor Web Pages, and EAM functionality. 

A Library of hundreds of predefined FMEA Failure Trees have been created and are available for use as models or templates, depending on your unique needs. Pre-defined Failure Mode & Effect Analysis trees are an effective way to streamline your RCM Process getting your program off to a fast start.













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