RMB Service Model

RMBís service processes are an example of our commitment to the client.  Our focus is to deliver business improvement through a consultative relationship with our clients through the entire cycle from need identification through points well past the implementation.  We do not view the implementation as an event that marks the conclusion of our client involvement.  It is but one step in successfully moving from one business model to a more profitable business model.   

Our service model involves four basic activities:

DEFINITION                                                                                Accurate definition of business objectives is a key contributor to the realization of a successful transition.  Pre-project KPIs, benefit analysis, and performance benchmarking serve to set expectations and targets.  The cost projection includes change management, data transition and process transition costs.           

IMPLEMENTATION                                                      Our implementation experience, providing both software and functional expertise, delivers a proven and effective implementation methodology.  RMB, through its Consulting Services, Content Development Services, and software relationships, is able to provide the complete spectrum of implementation capabilities.

ASSESSMENT                                                     Following the implementation phase, RMBís process involves a 6-month assessment cycle.  In the assessment phase, our consultants return to the definitions developed in the initial phase of the cycle.  We review the performance benchmarks, process and data audits, and gap analyses.  Our focus is to assure that the anticipated value of the transition process is realized. 

ADJUSTMENT                                                           Based on the results of the assessment phase, RMB provides recommendations to adjust post-implementation activities to meet the initial business targets.  Our focus is to achieve the ROI desired in the initial phase of the service cycle.  In transitions employing the full suite of RMB service, the assessment and adjustment phases will be very short in duration.


This process provides the structure to achieve a partner relationship that is designed to accomplish business improvements, not just implementation services.  RMB understands that clients make these investments in order to realize significant business process improvements that result in a return on their investment.  The RMB service model is a collaborative, extended approach that provides the client with the expertise to reach the goal of business improvement.

Our consultants have completed hundreds of successful projects throughout the world.








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